Eileen Weber, DNP, JD, BSN, PHN, RN

Clinical Associate Professor, Population Health & Systems Cooperative, School of Nursing, U of MN

Eileen Weber

United States

Eileen Weber is a nurse attorney and clinical associate professor at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, where she teaches ethics, leadership, and public policy in the context of a continuum of interprofessional healthcare. She founded the Healthcare Legal Partnership (HLP) Collaborative, a growing network of healthcare providers with embedded civil legal services to serve patients who need legal help in overcoming negative social determinants of health. Her mission is to advance innovations in HLPs to promote just, equitable, and fair healthcare through the integration of legal services and healthcare delivery. She serves on the nursing school's Finance and Planning Committee and formerly coordinated the Policy Dialogue Series for the Katharine J. Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership. Weber is certified as a public health nurse and serves on the state health department's Health Care Homes Rulemaking Advisory Committee and its Program Innovation Workgroup. She is a gubernatorial appointment to the state's Environmental Health Tracking and Biomonitoring Advisory Panel, representing the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. In that role, she works with epidemiologists, doctoral students, environmental health experts and advocates in reaching and teaching clinicians how to screen and reduce the negative impacts of chemicals in people.

She was a faculty advisor for the UM Academic Health Center's Hotspotters and initiated the nursing preceptor program for the interprofessional student-run Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, focusing on improving the care of underserved people and those with complex medical and social needs created by fragmented delivery of such services. Weber’s ethics service includes the American Nurses Association's Center for Ethics and Human Rights Advisory Board and the clinical ethics committees for the University of Minnesota Medical Center (Fairview) and Hennepin Healthcare (formerly Hennepin County Medical Center). Dr. Weber earned both her BSN degree, summa cum laude, and her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree in Health Innovation and Leadership from the University of Minnesota. She earned her JD degree in the founding class of the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis. Her clinical experience includes urban critical care, emergency nursing and public health community coalition-building. Weber served on the ethics and government affairs committees of the Minnesota Nurses Association before serving a term as MNA vice-president, earning awards for political action and outstanding service. She represented nursing on the Minnesota Health Care Commission, has had op-eds published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune newspapers. Weber's doctoral scholarship focused on coordinating and leading interprofessional education on care coordination with the nationally renowned Hennepin Health county-based initiative for expanded Medicaid enrollees. She has extensive experience in legislative lobbying, community activism, and political campaign management. Weber's scholarship is focused on the intersection of nursing, law, ethics, public policy and interprofessional collaboration.

Professional Associations

  • Affiliate Faculty:
    Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota
  • Professional Memberships:
    American Nurses Association (ANA)
    Minnesota Nurses Association
    Minnesota Organization of Registered Nurses (MNORN)
    Minnesota State Bar Association, Elder Law Section and Health Law Section
    American Society for Bioethics and Humanities


Doctor of Nursing Practice in Health Innovation and Leadership, University of Minnesota, Spring 2014.

BSN, summa cum laude, University of Minnesota, Spring 1992: Awarded UROP grant and did qualitative research on ethical dilemmas encountered by emergency department nurses.

JD, University of St. Thomas, Spring 2004

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Board Certifications

Minnesota Public Health Nurse #17176 2008-present

Georgetown University Kennedy Institute of Ethics Washington, DC - Advanced Bioethics IV Certificate, 1993

Current Clinical: Basic Life Support (BLS), Honoring Choices Advance Care Planning Facilitator

Past Clinical: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Basic Life Support Instructor, Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN), Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum (TNCC), Advanced Trau