Amos Laar, PhD, MPH, MA

Amos Laar

2014 Bioethics MA graduate Amos Laar defied the odds to create his destiny. As a first generation scholar from rural Ghana, his exposure to the daily struggles in his country drove him to change his circumstances, and he is now making a difference in the lives of his fellow citizens.

Since completing a Master of Arts in Bioethics in 2014, Amos has returned to his native country where he is teaching the next generation of scholars as a senior lecturer for the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health at the University of Ghana. His interdisciplinary work focuses on ethical, cultural, and policy issues related to HIV, Reproductive Health, and Public Health Nutrition. His research draws upon epidemiological and bioethical approaches such as ethical analysis, policy analysis, theoretical human rights analysis, content analysis, interest analysis, and evaluations.

Amos has extensive experience in designing, implementing and disseminating community-based research. He has been a Principal Investigator or a Co-Investigator of over fifteen successful research grants at the University of Ghana, School of Public Health. This includes the HIV and AIDS Interactive Training, Education and Development Center Project which developed interventions to increase uptake of HIV testing, reproductive literacy, and to decrease risky behaviors among students and staff of the University of Ghana.

Amos has received several awards and has published in both Ghanaian and international journals. He is a member of the International AIDS Society, a member of the Ghana AIDS Commission’s Technical Working Group on Most at Risk Populations, and an executive member of the African Nutrition Society.