Adolescent with chemo hat and IV staring into the distance while laying in bed

Study shows adolescents with cancer can benefit from advance-care discussions

September 19, 2022
Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH unpacks the need for young cancer patients and their families to have tough conversations about their end of life. 
Rally for a abortion rights with a sign reading "Abortion is Health Care"

University of Minnesota researchers: Doctors have 'professional obligation' to protect abortion access

September 9, 2022
Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH discusses her recent article on how the Dobbs decision is a “direct assault on racial equity in health care.”
Black and white image of the US Supreme Court with storm clouds above it

University of Minnesota public health professors and researchers say abortion access is a racial justice issue

September 7, 2022
A new article co-authored by Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH connects BIPOC maternal mortality rates to the recent abortion decision by the Supreme Court.
Blue, pink and white sign reading "Trans Rights are Human Rights"

Bioethics & Gender Affirming Care

September 6, 2022
This post is part of our series "Bioethics in Focus" featuring the experts of the Center for Bioethics community. The thoughts reflected in this piece are the authors’ individual, expert opinions and do not necessarily reflect the position…
Nurse wearing plastic gloves giving a vaccine in arm of person

Low vaccine booster rates are now a key factor in COVID-19 deaths – and racial disparities in booster rates persist

August 30, 2022
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, PhD co-authored this article highlighting research on the need for COVID-19 booster vaccines and racial disparities in booster rates.
COVID-19 vaccination record and vaccine vial

Fall Vaccination Campaign Will Bring New Shots, Worse Access

August 28, 2022
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, PhD is quoted: “We have criticisms of the way the initial vaccine rollout happened, but there was really a very significant effort to get everyone vaccinated.” 
Doctor, parent, child hands on a desk with clip board and stethoscope

Advance Care Planning for Adolescents with Cancer

August 23, 2022
Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH and colleagues conducted a longitudinal adolescent advance care planning study that is the largest study to date using the validated Family-Centered Advance Care Planning intervention for Teens with Cancer (FACE-TC…
a document reads public health with glasses laying on top

Obviously, You Should Never Read the Comments If the Story Is About Public Health Harassment and Bullying. Unless…

August 22, 2022
JP Leider, PhD weighs in on COVID Public Health work and public perspective.
Point of view of a speaker at a podium in front of a microphone

Bioethics Faculty Selected to Present at National Conference

August 22, 2022
Every October, bioethicists from across the country gather for the American Society for Bioethics & Humanities's (ASBH) annual conference.
Doctor and child hands placed over xray next to stethoscope

Advance Care Planning for Adolescents with Cancer

August 22, 2022
 Jennifer Needle MD, MPH: “Adolescents with cancer should be given the opportunity to participate in their own medical decision-making.”