A single lit birthday candle

Why You Should Celebrate Your Next Birthday Talking about Your Death

January 24, 2022
This post is part of our monthly series featuring the experts of the Center for Bioethics community. The thoughts reflected in this piece are the authors’ individual, expert opinions and do not necessarily reflect the position of the…
Counter in a hospital room with ventilator equipment

Covid patient dies at a hospital weeks after his wife sued another to keep him on a ventilator

January 23, 2022
Dr. Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH comments on crisis standards of care and mistrust of the scientific community.
Hospital ventilator tubes

Court Battle Over a Ventilator Takes a Patient From Minnesota to Texas

January 21, 2022
Affiliate Thaddeus Mason Pope, JD, PhD, HEC-C, explains norms surrounding healthcare agent decision making. 
Microscopic 3D model of the corona virus COVID-19 in the halls of a hospital

'Colorblind' treatment decision won't promote racial justice

January 19, 2022
Affiliate Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH criticizes the Minnesota Department of Health's recent decision to eliminate race as a factor in distributing scare resources during the pandemic.
A gavel laid out on an open law textbook on the chapter of torture

Germany tries Syrian doctor for torture

January 19, 2022
Dr. Steve Miles, MD is interviewed about his research regarding doctors who torture.
Empty hallway of a hospital

Medical Grand Rounds: Requests for Futile and Potentially Inappropriate Treatment

January 19, 2022
Watch a recording of Clinical Ethicists' Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH, Joel Wu, JD, MPH, MA, HEC-C, and Jaime Konerman-Sease, PhD presentation on the ethics surrounding medical futility. 
Nurse holding a clipboard with an elderly patient in a hospital bed in the background

Minnesota removes race as factor in rationing COVID-19 antibody treatment

January 13, 2022
Affiliate JP Leider, PhD comments on policy decisions based on population data. 
Blue COVID-19 virus cells

Minnesota dials back COVID-19 antibody strategy as omicron tops 50% of new cases

December 22, 2021
Affiliate JP Leider, PhD comments on access during the Omicron surge.
Pregnant belly of a black person

Before These Illustrations, a Doctor Had Never Seen a Black Mom or Baby in a Textbook

December 22, 2021
Affiliate Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH comments on the impact on the field of maternal health.
Image of medical students, some of color, around a table talking

Nigerian medical student's illustrations go viral for featuring Black people

December 13, 2021
Affiliate professor Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH comments on representation in medical illustrations.