Unpacking Bedside Bioethics


Unpacking Bedside Bioethics is a quarterly professional development clinical ethics webinar series delivered by the Center for Bioethics.

Speakers identify ethical dilemmas in clinical cases, and discuss how to apply bioethical concepts and frameworks to navigate those dilemmas.

This inter-professional series is geared towards physicians, nurses, pharmacists, chaplains, social workers, and clinical staff. Health professions students are also encouraged to attend.  

Upcoming Events
Unpacking Bedside Bioethics, Tuesday, August 27, 2024
A Patient's Last Chapter: Ethical Considerations for VSED, Euthanasia, and MAID
  • Joel Wu, JD, MPH, MA, HEC-C, University of Minnesota
Joel Wu,
Past Events
  • Jaime Konerman-Sease, PhD, HEC-C, University of Minnesota
  • Justin Penny, DO, MA, HEC-C, University of Minnesota
  • Ian Wolfe, PhD, MA, RN, HEC-C, Children's Minnesota
  • Tim Stratton, PhD, RPh, FAPhA, University of Minnesota, Duluth
  • Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH, University of Minnesota