COVID-19: Bioethics

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The Center for Bioethics is promoting ethical responses to the COVID-19 pandemic through academic scholarship, media interviews, educational opportunities, statewide collaboration, and institutional implementation of ethical guidelines.

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History of Collaboration

Prior to COVID-19, the Center collaborated to produce previous guidance for the State of Minnesota on pandemic ethics and crisis standards of care, including:
Cut out letters of various colors and fonts pinned on a cork board reading "True or False"
Dr. Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH comments on the claims related to COVID-19 immunity and chiropractic adjustments. 
Rocks balancing on a fulcrum
Clinical Ethicist Joel Wu, JD, MPH, MA, HEC-C comments on maximizing benefits and minimizing harm in transplant ethics. 
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Affiliate JP Leider, PhD comments on privilege and fairness regarding access to the increasingly in-demand treatment. 
A syringe about to enter a bottle of vaccine
Dr. Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH comments on the cause of the waste of vaccinations as the demand declines.
A hand in a medical glove holding a syringe full of yellow fluid
Dr. Jennifer Needle MD, MPH comments on the confusing information around COVID-19 booster shots. 
A woman in a mask on a bus looking at her phone
Dr. Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH describes the difference between vaccine passports and MDH's new vaccine report app.