COVID-19: Bioethics

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The Center for Bioethics is promoting ethical responses to the COVID-19 pandemic through academic scholarship, media interviews, educational opportunities, statewide collaboration, and institutional implementation of ethical guidelines.

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History of Collaboration

Prior to COVID-19, the Center collaborated to produce previous guidance for the State of Minnesota on pandemic ethics and crisis standards of care, including:
Nurse holding a clipboard with an elderly patient in a hospital bed in the background
Affiliate JP Leider, PhD comments on policy decisions based on population data. 
Blue COVID-19 virus cells
Affiliate JP Leider, PhD comments on access during the Omicron surge.
A stethoscope with half of it underwater
Affiliate JP Leider, PhD comments on the current obstacle of healthcare capacity and its threat to individuals' access to the treatment.
Cut out letters of various colors and fonts pinned on a cork board reading "True or False"
Dr. Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH comments on the claims related to COVID-19 immunity and chiropractic adjustments. 
Rocks balancing on a fulcrum
Clinical Ethicist Joel Wu, JD, MPH, MA, HEC-C comments on maximizing benefits and minimizing harm in transplant ethics. 
Moving car in traffic
Affiliate JP Leider, PhD comments on privilege and fairness regarding access to the increasingly in-demand treatment.