COVID-19: Bioethics

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The Center for Bioethics is promoting ethical responses to the COVID-19 pandemic through academic scholarship, media interviews, educational opportunities, statewide collaboration, and institutional implementation of ethical guidelines.

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History of Collaboration

Prior to COVID-19, the Center collaborated to produce previous guidance for the State of Minnesota on pandemic ethics and crisis standards of care, including:
A syringe about to enter a bottle of vaccine
Dr. Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH comments on the cause of the waste of vaccinations as the demand declines.
A hand in a medical glove holding a syringe full of yellow fluid
Dr. Jennifer Needle MD, MPH comments on the confusing information around COVID-19 booster shots. 
A woman in a mask on a bus looking at her phone
Dr. Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH describes the difference between vaccine passports and MDH's new vaccine report app. 
Ambulance rushing with blurred lights
This post is part of our new monthly series featuring the experts of the Center for Bioethics community. The thoughts reflected in this piece are the authors’ individual, expert…
Side by side apartment building windows - one old brick and the other brightly painted
Affiliate JP Leider, PhD, along with his colleagues, used death certificate data to characterize the association of neighborhood socioeconomic disadvantage with pre-2020 mortality…
Crowded street of people wearing masks during a pandemic
A new research brief on the successful test of measuring structural racism in the pandemic by  University of Minnesota School of Public Health researchers, including affiliate…