Ben Rosenstein, MA

Ben Rosenstein

Ben Rosenstein has been a long-standing member of the University of Minnesota student community. He studied Biomedical Engineering as an undergraduate student, then entered the Center for Bioethics Master’s program to explore end-of-life issues.  Ben’s Master’s thesis concerned technology in home care and caregiving for complex elderly patients.

After earning his MA degree in Bioethics in 2013, Ben entered the University of Minnesota Medical School and will graduate in 2017. His interests include Palliative Care, and Bioethics and Health policy, especially concerning technology, access, health care systems, and costs. He currently volunteers at the Pillsbury Integrated Clinic, working with a variety of patients who are dealing with primary health concerns.

Ben says his experiences at the Center for Bioethics helped prepare him for medical school by exploring the bioethical issues that medical professionals face on a day-to-day basis.

“I believe the ethics, morals, and humanity of medicine and medical practice need to change. I hope to build on the idea of viewing the patient as a whole and complete person with a family, a life, and something beyond a hospital.”

Ben Rosenstein, MA