Wednesday 25th May 2022 12:15- 1:15 pm Zoom Unpacking Bedside Bioethics

Demystifying Decision-Making Capacity

Headshot of Jaime Konerman-Sease
Jaime Konerman-Sease, PhD


Decision making capacity is a critical piece of working out how to respect a patient's autonomy. Determination of decision-making capacity lies in the hands of clinicians. While the idea of determining if a patient can make decisions might seem straightforward, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about decision-making capacity. This session unpacks the complexities in decision-making capacity determinations and addresses some common myths and misconceptions.


Jaime Konerman-Sease, PhD is a Clinical Ethics Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics. She is an Ethics Consultant for M Health Fairview and serves on the University of Minnesota Medical Center's Ethics Committee.