Mini Bioethics Academy | Food Justice & Bioethics: A community-based approach

Food Justice


The cofounders of Appetite For Change, a nonprofit organization based in North Minneapolis told their stories of how they came to the work of Food Justice. Michelle, a recovering Public Defender with a Bioethics degree and Princess, a refugee from Chicago and Teacher spoke about the mission of Appetite For Change: using food as a tool for building health, wealth and social change. They explored the various ethics issues that arise in their work and how the field of Bioethics can be of service to, and inform, the work of food justice activists worldwide. 



Michelle Horovitz, JD Co-founder, Vice President of Innovation | Michelle grows networks, opportunities, and advocacy efforts as VP of Innovation. She has worked as a public defender and in the kitchen of an award-winning chef. Michelle’s father’s family is from the Northside, and she has a passion for building racial and social equity in this community.

Princess Titus, Co-Founder, Senior Engagement Officer, Appetite for Change | Princess builds connections and nurtures relationships as Senior Engagement Officer. She has worked in North Minneapolis as a licensed trainer and educator for more than twenty years. Princess is passionate about working with families to build healthy foundations for lifelong learning.