Bioethics Master of Arts Degree Programs

Our program is under transition and we are not currently accepting applications. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when our program reopens to receive applications.

The Center for Bioethics offers two Master of Arts degrees:

  1. The Plan A: Thesis-based Master’s Degree program
  2. The Plan B: Project-based Master’s Degree program

Interdisciplinary Field

Although bioethics has deep roots in the discipline of philosophy and maintains strong ties to that discipline, it has grown to be an essentially interdisciplinary field. The Center’s faculty represents a broad array of fields, with backgrounds in philosophy, medicine, nursing, public health, health policy, religious studies, global studies, and gender and womens studies. The Center embraces a robust mission of public engagement. Our faculty influences policy nationally and internationally on a number of issues including decision-making at end of life, research on human subjects, ethics and genetic technologies, and public health preparedness.

The Center provides a very congenial, collaborative community in which to work. Our support staff is talented and dedicated. Our strong relationships to other programs throughout the University promote creative partnerships.


Contact [email protected] with questions about our program.