Corporate giving is just a piece of what's needed to heal the Twin Cities

"When Hurricane Katrina took aim at the Gulf Coast in 2005, Walmart executives gathered in a boardroom to discuss their corporate responsibility. They had stores, employees and customers in New Orleans. Even before they knew the toll of the storm, they were debating how much money they should give to aid relief work. As the debate and devastation raged, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was slow to arrive on the scene. In its place, Walmart trucks carrying water, food and supplies delivered relief around the city. The boardroom conversation had turned from giving money to doing what Walmart was best at: getting things to where they were needed, when they were needed."

Co-authored by Christopher Michaelson, PhD, Center for Bioethics Affiliate faculty member and Professor of Ethics and Business Law at the University of St. Thomas. 

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