Headshot of Andrew Jameton, PhD

With great sadness, the Center for Bioethics notes the death of Andrew Jameton, PhD.

Dr. Jameton joined our affiliate faculty in December of 2016, after retiring from the University of Nebraska.

He was an exceptional colleague: warmly supportive, keenly intelligent, and a spirited advocate for his deeply held commitments. He was a generous collaborator on a variety of scholarly endeavors spanning work on moral distress, the connections between bioethics and business ethics, and – his greatest passion in the later years of his career -- ethical issues related to climate change. He loved teaching and was eager to work with students and assist with curriculum planning. He also provided invaluable input on governance and strategic planning to help guide our Center.

He continued to write, teach, and organize work on climate issues until his untimely death. It is no exaggeration to say that many of his contributions – especially those on moral distress and climate – were truly ground-breaking and will continue to have profound impact on the field of bioethics, the practice of medicine, and the response to the climate crisis for a long time to come.

He touched the lives of many, as these testimonials illustrate:

We will miss him deeply.