Meritxell Mondejar Pont

Integrative Palliative Care Summer Fellow

Meritxell Mondejar Pont, a doctoral student at Vic University, will be joining the Center for Bioethics this summer and next summer to research Integrated Palliative Care. Meri, who studies in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Welfare at Universitat Central de Catalunya, will focus on evaluating the palliative care system in the Osona region in Catalonia, Spain. This research is aimed at gaining an understanding of the integrated care factors being implemented such as multidisciplinary teamwork, care coordination, patient-centered approaches and missing factors. This is in addition to evaluating ethical and moral issues that professionals encounter when delivering integrated palliative care. Meri will be working with Dr. Susan O’Connor-Von (School of Nursing), Dr. Joan Liaschenko (Center for Bioethics), Dr. Cynthia Peden-McAlpine (School of Nursing). 

Meri has a long-standing relationship with the U of M. She worked at the University of Minnesota Hospital as an Oncology RN and has a graduate degree in Comparative International Development Education. Her Bachelor of Science is in Nursing from St. Catherine University. Meri’s  internship over these two summers will strengthen an international perspective on this global topic. Meri’s advisors at Vic University are Dr. Xavier Gómez Batiste and Dr. Anna Ramon Aribau.