Fernanda Rodriguez

Nutrition and Bioethics in Ghana: Beyond food insecurity

Amos Laar, MA, PhD, was featured in an article by the Lancet's Diabetes & Endocrinology journal naming him "One of the most active voices in [Ghana's obesity] crisis." Laar is a senior lecturer of public health ethics and nutrition at the University of Ghana and a graduate of the University of Minnesota's MA in Bioethics. 

"[Amos Laar is] one of the most active voices in [Ghana's obesity] crisis."

In addition to his teaching, Laar is working on legislative measures to regulate  unhealthy food advertising in Ghana, Laar's west-African country of origin where obesity has increased 6.5 times since 1980. Laar is a formidable actor in the effort to hold the fast food industry accountable for its role in profitting off of Ghana's now less prevelant issue of food insecurity. According to Laar, not enough effort has been put into the overnutrition results that occurred with the influx of processed foods and fast food. Read more about Laar's work.

Dr. Laar will be presenting for the Center for Bioethics' Ethics Grand Rounds on Tuesday, September 17 on Social Public Health and Ghana's National Response to HIV. Learn more about this event here