Headshot of Prof. Laura Palombi

“The Role of the Pharmacist in Combating the Opioid Crisis: An Update”

Kosobuski L; O'Donnell C, Koh-Knox Sharp CP; Chen N; Palombi L

The journal Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation recently published an article by a research group which included  Laura Palombi, PharmD, MPH, PAT, AE-C. The paper discusses the evolving role of pharmacists in responding to the opioid crisis. It concludes: “Pharmacy practice has expanded greatly in the past decade with pharmacists taking on new and creative approaches to addressing the opioid crisis. Collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to addressing the root causes of opioid misuse and opioid overdose are still desperately needed. These include attention to the critical roles of social determinants of health, stigma elimination, legislative advocacy for patients with OUD, and focused education for providers, pharmacists, and the community. Recognition and support of the value of collaboration to both improve public health and individual patient care, continued investments in pharmacy practice advancement in OUD treatment and harm reduction, and the creation of workflows and prescribing algorithms to assist in dosing medications to prevent withdrawal symptoms and achieve improved pain control are desperately needed.”