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New Chapter on Health Equity & Justice During Pandemics by Debra DeBruin, PhD

The recently published edited volume Ethical Public Health Policy Within Pandemics (Boylan, M. 2022) includes a chapter on “Pandemic Disparities: Equity and Neutral Conceptions of Justice”  by Debra DeBruin, PhD.  

Chapter Abstract

"The chapter begins by characterizing the COVID-19 disparities affecting BIPOC populations and summarizing research putting these disparities in historical context. It then presents a model explaining why these disparities arise. This background information grounds a discussion of why these disparities constitute inequities, and what justice requires in these circumstances. The analysis focuses primarily on obligations during pandemic but acknowledges that obligations do not end when pandemic does. It considers alternative conceptions of justice, focusing on questions about whether it is permissible to take race and ethnicity into account in pandemic response initiatives."